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Aut. pianostemmer- og tekniker NPTF

Utdannet ved pianostemmer- og teknikerutdanningen på Rud, Bærum. Deretter læreperiode- og ansatt hos Aspheim Flygel- og pianosenter.

Praksisperiode og sertifikat fra Schimmel Pianofortefabrik i Braunschweig, Tyskland. Etter 5 års skolegang – bestått opptaksprøve til Norges- pianostemmer- og teknikerforening NPTF.

Member of EUROPIANO, Union of European Tuners and Technicians Association.

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Norges Pianostemmer og Teknikerforening
«Diamonds & Rust» is a song written and performed by Joan Baez, released in 1975 as the title track of her album. Known for its emotional depth and beautiful melody, it’s one of Baez’s most iconic songs.

Story Behind The Song:
«Diamonds & Rust» reflects on a romantic relationship, often believed to be about Baez’s relationship with Bob Dylan in the 1960s. The lyrics describe a phone call from an old lover, bringing back memories filled with nostalgia and pain.

Lyrical Content
- Begins with an unexpected call from an old lover after ten years.
- Memories flood back, highlighting both beautiful and difficult moments.
- «Diamonds & Rust» symbolizes precious and deteriorated memories over time.

«Diamonds & Rust» is a timeless classic showcasing Joan Baez’s ability to convey personal experiences through her music.

#JoanBaez is a renowned American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and activist, known for her distinctive voice and commitment to social and political causes.

- Born on January 9, 1941, in Staten Island, New York.
- Her father, Albert Baez, was a physicist of Mexican descent, and her mother, Joan Bridge Baez, was of Scottish and English descent.
- The family moved frequently due to her father’s work, living in various places, including the US, England, and Switzerland.

#FolkLegend #MusicHistory #IconicSongs
«Kitchen work»; complete overhaul of a piano mechanism after a mouse visit in the piano at one of my clients. "Mickey likes the piano the wrong way." 🐭😋
Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Musical Piece: Branch - The Cyclopis
Pianist: Grigory Sokolov

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764) was a prominent French composer and music theorist of the Baroque era. Known for his innovative harmonies and complex orchestrations, he became a leading figure in French opera. 

His later work, Les Fêtes de Polymnie" (1745), is a ballet-opera that includes the one-act piece "Le Cyclope" ("Branch-the Cyclops"). This opera tells the story of the Cyclops Polyphemus and his tragic love for the nymph Galatea, showcasing Rameau's talent for dramatic and emotive music.

Rameau's influence extends beyond his compositions, with his theoretical writings, such as "Traité de l'harmonie" (1722), shaping the course of Western music theory.

#JeanPhilippeRameau #BaroqueMusic #FrenchOpera #ClassicalMusic #MusicHistory #OperaLovers 

#GrigorySokolov, born in 1950 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), is a renowned Russian pianist known for his profound interpretations and exceptional technical mastery. He won the prestigious Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow at the age of 16, which catapulted him to international fame. Sokolov is celebrated for his deep musical insight, meticulous attention to detail, and unique programming of recitals. He often performs solo, focusing on works by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff. Sokolov's performances are noted for their emotional depth and spiritual intensity.

#GrigorySokolov #PianoVirtuoso #ClassicalMusic #ConcertPianist #MusicMaestro #PianoRecital #AntonBatagov #BranchTheCyclopis #GrigorySokolov #DeutscheGrammophon #ClassicalMusic #Piano #MinimalistMusic #ContemporaryClassical #MusicInspiration #ClassicalComposer #MusicRecording #PianoPerformance #MusicalMasterpiece #IntrospectiveMusic #ClassicalPianist

Recording: This particular performance of “Branch - The Cyclopis” is credited to Deutsche Grammophon, featuring the renowned pianist Grigory Sokolov. Deutsche Grammophon, a prestigious record label with a legacy of excellence in classical music recordings, has captured the subtlety and depth of Batagov’s composition through Sokolov’s masterful interpretation.
In 1958, #ToshikoAkiyoshi performed her own composition, #TheThirdMovement on the #NBC show #TheSubjectisJazz Born in 1929, #Akiyoshi was then a #BerkleeCollegeofMusic student, balancing her studies with TV appearances, jazz club performances, and recordings. She left Japan in 1956 to pursue her jazz dreams in the U.S.

Akiyoshi began piano lessons at age seven in Manchuria, China. Initially focused on classical music, she took private lessons twice a week. After World War II, her family moved back to Japan to escape the Soviet invasion. At 16, in Beppu, she fell in love with jazz after hearing #TeddyWilson’s #SweetLorraine This moment defined her future; in a 2004 interview, she said, “Jazz became a way of life; it was not a hobby.”

She dedicated herself to mastering jazz, transcribing records and playing in a big band by 17. At 22, #OscarPeterson, impressed by her talent, arranged for her to record her first album, “Toshiko’s Piano,” with his musicians. The album’s success led #LawrenceBerk, founder of Berklee, to offer her a four-year scholarship. While studying, she played four nights a week at Boston’s Storyville jazz club.

After graduating in 1959, Akiyoshi moved to New York City, and her career continued to flourish. Today, at 94, she is still actively touring.
JOY is a Bergen street artist who started painting in the streets in autumn 2013. He quickly gained attention with his unusual, often humorous stunts, like smuggling paintings into IKEA («reverse shoplifting») and commemorating the King’s 85th birthday with the painting «Helt Konge!». JOY parodied the right-wing politician Henning Warloe with «Rammebetingelser» and created «Siste Salutt» for Dolk’s Buekorps boy in 2014. His art appears unexpectedly in Bergen’s streets, suggesting a skilled graphic designer behind the pseudonym. JOY has completed numerous commissions and participated in humanitarian auctions worldwide. His work often touches on themes like children, freedom, tolerance, human rights, and empathy, always in an airy form that makes us think. In 2019, JOY had successful exhibitions in Bergen and Larvik, with great reviews and sales. #StreetArt #JOY #BergenArt #ArtForChange
🎶✨ Discover the brilliance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s «Flight of the Bumblebee» in a dazzling performance by the extraordinary pianist @yujawang.official yujawang.official Yuja Wang. This iconic piece, arranged by Cziffra, showcases Wang’s incredible speed and precision. 🌟 Enjoy this mesmerizing live concert moment! 🎹💫 #RimskyKorsakov #YujaWang #FlightOfTheBumblebee #ClassicalMusic #PianoVirtuoso #LiveConcert #piano #pianostemming #oslo #oslove #grandpiano #upright #thesoundofbeauty #pianotechnician #uprightpiano #steinway #steinwaysons #pianostemmeren #petrof #petrofpianos #bechsteinpian #pianomanufacturer
Preparation for The Kirsten Flagstad Festival 2024. It promises to be an exceptional celebration of opera and classical music, honoring the legacy of the renowned Norwegian soprano. A highlight of this year’s festival is a special concert in Hamar, where audiences can look forward to an evening of unforgettable performances in tribute to Flagstad’s extraordinary career.

To stay updated on all events and behind-the-scenes moments from the Kirsten Flagstad Festival 2024, be sure to follow their Instagram @flagstadfestival Here, you’ll find exclusive content, artist interviews, and highlights from the festival, offering a closer look at this magnificent celebration of music and heritage #KirstenFlagstadFestival #OperaFestival #ClassicalMusic #HamarConcert #GrandPiano WagnerMusic #FlagstadLegacy #piano #pianostemming #hamar #grandpiano #upright #thesoundofbeauty #pianotechnician #uprightpiano #steinway #steinwaysons #pianostemmeren #bechsteinpian #pianomanufacturer
Soundboard: When piano becomes a part of the living room, a part of life. When the sun beams reach through music, flowing life and reflecting it.
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